Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where is the time going?!

I can not believe we are already in February!!! Seems like time is flying by, as it feels like Christmas was months ago... But yet it was really only a handful of weeks ago. So much has happened in those short time.. Mind boggling!

We've really just been travelling day by day, The heat and humidity zaps alot of our energy, well i know it does for me more so than Ben. It's a much cooler day today which is very nice! Ben has once again moved into a different area at his work. The big boss came to him a week ago tell Ben that he wanted him as their Human Resources coordinator!!! So Ben has taken him up on the position, he is on trial and so far loving it. It is really good, Ben wanted to eventually get into the office, but wasn't sure when or what to do. This gave him the push to just go and try it. He can't do physical work forever and this will give him the edge he needs for his future! We are all happy! We do have get use to yet another routine.. This one is not that much different to the one before which is good. The boys are loving having him around so much more during the normal day to day runnings of our lives. Not just once a day anymore!! And if we are lucky when I'm not working he comes home for his lunch hour!! Yippee!! How cool is that!!

We've got lots of fun summer things to do over the next few weeks, going away drinks for a friend, 50Th birthday party for another friend. The possibility of camping. No doubt we will try do some fishing and beach adventure in there somewhere. So long as the weather holds up. We have a few long range weather forecasters throwing around some of the predictions that more cyclones are a possibility and that they could come as close down as our part of Queensland... Will see what eventuates.. But for now it is cloudy but it's not raining and our gardens have dried out some, so I've planted some more seed this morning, try and get some plants going for autumn! I'm about to go out and pull out the pumpkin and sweet potato vines that really have not done anything except grow longer from the rain.. Ben's Aquaponics was going great until he found a heap of dead silver perch in one tub and a few days late the water tube came out of another and drained all the water out onto the ground and not to the grow bed... So he lost some more fish.. He is not a happy camper, and is currently devising a plan to move it all somewhere else and making it bigger and better... Oh well these things happen and you learn from them!

Time for me to do some gardening :) Hope your part of the world is as happy as mine today :)

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