Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines day everyone!! Not sure how many of you celebrate it.. We completely missed it this year!! We made a good effort this morning.. We were both awake for awhile before we both sorta went Oh Yea, Happy Valentines Day Honey..... LOL

Ben went and picked some flowers out of our garden for me before he went to work! Best kind of Flowers!!

Beautiful aren't they!

I ruffled up some left over Xmas chocolates in the cupboard (we had forgotten about) and put them into a little gift box for him! hahahaha

We love each other, We already both know that, 2 little boys get in the way of remembering to get "special" gifts from the shops. But i quite liked our little love dashes this morning with alot of fun and laughter behind them!! Best kind of LOVE!!

It is also Ben's Dad's Birthday today!! The boys gave him a call this morning and yelled happy birthday down the phone line to their Granddad. And the best part he is coming through tomorrow with Grandma for a visit!! I haven't told the boys yet, as they will be beside themselves asking every 15 Min's how much longer til they get here and wont sleep tonight, so will be a massive surprise for them!

It is a snuggly raining day here today, wish it was Sunday not Monday, so Ben could have stayed home for snuggles and movies on Valentines day.. Maybe a movie together tonight!!! Hope your Valentines Day is Wonderful!! :-) Lots of LOVE Everyone!! hehe

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