Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rain Update.

I know I said I wouldn't say anymore, but we have had alot of rain over the last couple of days, so much so our river is at moderate flooding. One bridge is under and the others a close to being cut also. 2 Brigdes go to the southside of out town( its call southside but it's not south its to the west, go figure!) the one already cut leads to this side and the other is much higher, but with enough rain in the mountians to the south of us we can flood. My parents live over these 2 bridges.
They are trying this morning to get into town to stock up some food incase the dreaded happens. They house they have also moved into is at danger of flooding.. We thought it was just to the back door step. But recent converstations say its to the back window. Which means all through the house.. They have a shed at the top of the drive which wont get affected, but dad has lot of stuff in it.. Not sure what will happen as i wont be able to get there to help them if it does turn out to be our 1 in 100 year flood (massive in otherwords). Our main street gets flooded half way up (if not further), lots of houses and businesses.. It's not nice.. The last one was 1999 and the river peaked at 21.95 meters. The Mary is currently sitting on 13.69.
So everyone is on the edge of their seats, checking the river height data every half hour.. With more rain predicted today.. It's not looking the best. But fingers crossed MOTHER NATURE gives a little break and the river drops...
We are fine where we live, My brother and his family are on the same side as my parents so they will be stuck over there. Ben's mum and step-dad are fine also. The highway through our town has alot of low spots in it also, so the north and south will but cut.
Ben is currently at work on a Saturday to clear the chillers out, as his work gets flooded aswell and they do not want to loose any stock.. I need to get some food also, but i think its best i wait till he gets home anyway, everyone will be in the shops going crazy this morning. I don't mind what food we get so it doesn't fuss me what's left. All i know is i want to stock our cupboards up in the event of the highway getting cut off for a few days..
Anywho, i'm off to do some of my house chores... What better way to keep your mind off things than cleaning!! Then maybe a game on the Wii with the boys!!
Hope everyone is staying dry and safe! :-)

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