Saturday, May 7, 2011

Need to do more.

So, I have been really lacking the the blogging department lately. Life seems to be taking over alot! I have decided to try and blog every day if not every day, every second day... Will see how this goes. Not much happens during the week in our lives. But you never know the boys always like to surprise us!

I got my Mothers day present last night.. Ben is not very good at holding on to them until the day of suppose to be handing them out! lol. Anyway i got a lovely beanie to wear when we go on our winter adventures! Can't wait to use it. Ben got the boys to draw up a card for me. Hand made is always nice! This morning my handsome cowboy went bolting into the toy room throwing things about and came running out to me with another little mother's day love note for me!! Unprompted aswell! Very sweet!

We have house jobs going on today, cleaning and some gardening. Tomorrow (mothers day) we are going to go for a drive! Can't wait!

Will tell you about it tomorrow!

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