Thursday, May 12, 2011

Work days over WOOO!!!!

Both work days are over and done with this week. I do enjoy working, but LOVE being at home with my boys, Enjoying them grow. (as i type this cowboy just walked past in his gumboots, backpack and toy water gun, to go on an adventure! Love it!)

Not much happened besides work the past two days. Working in the cooler months is not as much fun for me. When i get home it is dark. I love the cool weather, but also do like the longer days in summer. I can get more done at home after work. This morning i got the washing off the line that i put out on Tuesday morning :-S Frustrating much!

Anywho, i thought i would share the boys all time favourite dinner! It's a never fail dinner winner! lol

Carbonara, Yum! On a good night they eat 3 bowls full of this. So glad i finally found something they will eat no matter how they are feeling!

Hope your all having a great week, I'm off do to some more jobs! :-)

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