Thursday, May 19, 2011

A photo Granny Wouldn't show!

This is how our shopping day's usually end up. (sorry Granny, had to take a photo and share)

You know when you think to yourself, i wish i had a camera so i could take a photo of you and show you just how silly you get sometimes child!! Well i had my phone handy and took a shot. Didn't go down well. But i now have this to show him. lol Am i mean mum? or just a mum who doesn't want my son crying yelling and stamping his feet at me through the shops?

Our shopping trip went all downhill, when a man (very very nasty rude words inserted here) needed to get to the front of the checkout line at our local Aldi store. Instead of saying excuse me. He pushed cowboy into our trolley to get through. Usually i don't say anything. But WTF you do not push my child, and especially INTO a trolley. I looked at the man and said, you could say EXCUSE ME you know!! He looked away and walked off... GRUMBLE. My boys know manners and if you ask them to move nicely they understand and will move. That set the mood for the rest of the shopping trip. So it's not hard to understand the above picture, i sort of felt like doing that as well!

This weekend is our local show. Ben gets to work there for his work. Showing off their meat! lol Our good friend the chocolate maker hehe is also there. Ben got us some season passes. So today we are off to look at everything during the day, Tomorrow night we will go and look at all the lights and fireworks. As long as it doesn't rain.. It rains this week every year. and makes the show one big slosh hole! Might put the gumboots on the boys for the night excursion!

anywho off to do my jobs before our adventure! Have a great day all :-)

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  1. Ahhh,you know me well,lol...It breaks my heart to see those little boys cry,yes Im a big softy,I know.You will be the same when you become a Grandparent :0)
    And no ,you are far from a mean mummy xo You are very loving and patient with the boys my Darlin; xoxo