Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Saturday Night Camp Dinner.

Saturday we borrowed my parents camp oven to do some yummy cooking.

Fire on it's way.

Chook and hard vegies ready.

Mmmmmmmm Chook done, soft vegies boiling away in the billy above the fire. Our whole dinner was cooked on the fire. Dinner cooked this way really warms the heart and soul! Wish we had more time to cook this way.

After dinner we cooked some marshmellows over the fire.

One happy lil cowboy, Loved his toasted marshmellows.

One happy lil Blue Eyes just happy to eat the normal marshmellow off the end of the toasting stick!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was awesome! Family time, home time LOVE!

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  1. Food cooked this way makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Ever so delish!