Sunday, June 17, 2012


So it seems I had a whinge over nothing! My food bags.. Which I've now called Snak Sac's.. Have generated a little interest and want amongst a few of my friends.. Which shows to me, I feel with a lil effort and marketing (as in advertising and going to a market or 2) they might take off.. Then I might be able to add my other things I love to make... Hmmmm food for thought!
I'll have to get sewing.. I've made one set, but need to make at least another 2 of that fabric. Shown below and I've also got 3 other fabrics to make sets up with too! My gosh!!! The hardest part I would have to say is choosing the girly fabrics.. Having boys I am a lot more boy orientated than girl... But it is a lot of fun :-) :-)

Hope your weekend is great! We are hoping for a sunny Sunday... Saturday was dismal and drizzly.. Yuk!! Fingers crossed once the fog lifts!
:-) xo

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