Friday, June 22, 2012

End of term!

School holidays Whoooooo!!!! Lol!!

Cowboys last 2 days of the school term were huge! Sports day yesterday and an end of term performance today. I've got photos of each saved on the laptop. Will post them over the weekend!

We have got portfolios home for both the boys this term, cowboys is wrapped in a wonderful picture.. We will leave it to open when Ben gets home.. It's hard for Ben not seeing the day to day schooling being away, so thought I'd share it by letting him read how well our big boy is doing first!

And blue eyes today blew me away! He wrote his own name! I didn't believe the Kindy teacher at first.. Really, our boy can piece that together in his little brain already! Wow! He did a great job too! I thought the teacher may have been making him feel good about his drawing.. Lol.. Poor boy! He's doing bigger boy things all the time now! I got to start giving him more credit for the wonderful things he is achieving!

Ben is on his way home right now!! Yay!! Can't wait for some cuddles!!

Have a great weekend :-) xo

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