Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Busy, busy!

This week is a 3 day Kindy week, which means lots of driving in and out of town.. But I still manage to get my jobs done.

Today I made my own lil handbag, it's very cute! Not perfect but it's perfect for me!! The last couple of days I've sewn some more sets of Snak Sac's, I love them I really do! I even had my naturopath tell me today to start selling them lol!!

Which reminds me, I'm so very much back on track to a very healthy and happy ME! Meredith (naturopath) is so pleased at how well I stuck to our goal. I've finished with the special herbal tonic... Witch craft tonic is what Ben calls it lol!! Just gotta keep up with my good eating, my me time, and relaxing play times at the beach or the park with the boys!! Yep, I think I can manage that!! Throw in a little yoga, fishing and walking on the side ;-).

Tomorrow is Sports Day for Cowboy, we are very excited! I love sports days!! He is in Burnett house it's Blue. And he's been practicing their war cry ALL week!! So cute!!

I'll be sure to take some photos!!

:-) xo

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