Friday, June 1, 2012


I've got the sad sacks / frustrating mental block today... It doesn't happen very often anymore, which I'm really happy about.. But there are days where I just can't process WHY the boys do what they do and I can't move past it..( like making the milo I clearly asked them not to. Only to have milo all over the kitchen floor :-/) The brain melts down and not alot gets done.. Grumpy mummy arises and blue eyes plays on it and keeps the antics up.. Grr!! Lol!!

Yesterday was a show holiday here, blue eyes has no Kindy this week because of it, the prospect of Ben not coming home until saturday after a long week.. Blue eyes waking well before the sun every day this week and relapsing into major hair twiddling of my hair... Hmmm that's just to mention a few..

Gee I feel a little better now... Sound like a whinger, but... We all need to do it every so often..

Our week started so extra well too.. I even got to catch up with an old school friend. She's moved back to Bundy. It was so great to see her.. A familiar face! She has 2 gorgeous little girls!

Our niece is coming for a sleepover tomorrow night! We are all excited!! The SIL is going to dinner with her gf's. It will be a little strange, I've never babysat overnight before. But we will have some fun!

:-) xo

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