Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coffee and Panadol = My Savior.

Last night was a trip down memory lane... Blue eyes had his 4yr immunizations on Monday... It took over 24hrs but the side affects to hit him.. I noticed he wasn't his normal self in the afternoon. But he crashed on the lounge ( not unusual for him) before I could dose him up..

Our little devil has a massive habit of being perfectly fine ALL day then of a night time he'll develop a high temp(and with high temps possible febrile convulsions ).. Which is what happened last night. I spent the first half tossing and turning deliberating whether or not I should wake him and give him the medicine to help nip it in the but.... Or so long as his asleep it stays dormant.. Well he woke just after midnight.. With his temp sitting at 38c his magic number being 39c, and he obviously feeling lowsy was more than happy for me to give him, as he calls it the bum Panadol.. (had to chuckle at midnight at that, helped lighten the mood lol). We snuck into my bed together with the air cool enough to help the temp, warded off any imminent convulsion! Yay!

Although was well after 1am before we both settled back into a good sleep.. Hence coffee and Panadol for me today.. And not much else.. We've got a ring-in again today, 3 boys, but the ring-in is the eldest and oh so wonderful at keeping the boys entertained :-)

The temp has subsided, like usual during the day.. He's not 100% tho. So will be making sure he's got some medicine in him before going to bed tonight..

It's also been raining for about 5 days now... Yuk! We managed to duck down to the beach today for a play and some mummy and blue eyes funny photos.. ;-). Cowboy has a head cold and so does Ben.. So I'm doing my best to keep the germies away... Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow to get rid of the germs!!

Time for another coffee :-) xo

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