Monday, August 16, 2010

Settling IN.

Last week was Ben's first week in Services team. He has moved from the boning room, something new for him. And us as well. He has gone from shift work to normal hours. He gets to work in all parts of the abatoir. Last week he was doing anything from boning, pushing beef to working in the office!! This week he gets to run another training session for new peoples, which is great. He has something different to look forward to at work now.

But as a family we've only ever known his old work hours. Early shift one week, late shift the next. We had been running on a two week routine. Now we have to change our routine as Ben will be here EVERY night!! I was just about beside myself when he started last week. Today I'm even more excited. Cause i know he will be home at 3.30pm not 10.00pm today!! Yahoo! And we are up early enough to see him off in the morning, it makes it even more exciting! hehe

Alot has been going on over the last week, in amongst the boys being grizzly from snotty noses and the change of daddy's work hours. Ben has moved his aquaponics and added some more to it (i need to take some new photo's to update you). Some veggies have died/gone to seed thanks to the stupid winter we are having. Feels more like a spring than winter... I dread what summer will be like.. Lots of fishing and swimming trips i think! Alot of our flowers are coming out making our garden look very pretty!

We had a house warming for our friends on Saturday, that was great. Haven't been able to catch up with them for awhile so was very nice. Last night we had another catch up/friends needing some business photo's done! Our friends that have started their chocolate and meat spice business needed to take some photo's of meat cooking with their spice on it. And they thought Ben's fire pit he built would look great in photo's. Who would refuse a free feed, great company and some drinks! Was a fabulous night, and the food amazing!! The steak they brought over was the biggest T-bone i have ever seen, and was cooked to perfection! Not to mention the spices!! YUMMO. The chicken was just as good. We hadn't tried their chicken spice yet, only the beef spice. So we were very excited and were not disappointed! I took a photo on my phone but i didn't turn out to well.. I am going to try my hardest this week and get out and take some garden photo's. The sun is shining and it is beautiful weather! The boys have been outside most of the day, I keep trying to get them to rest but they sit for 5 Min's and they are out the door again.. They will sleep well tonight Fingers crossed anyway!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week :-)

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