Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Good.

Second week down, we are all doing great with the new routine. Still haven't been able to find much time to have computer play time and do some posts on here lol. I've taken a heap of photo's to upload of our garden and how its looking. But Ben downloaded The never ending story SERIES.... So our Internet has been slowed and will take forever to upload photo's grrrr

Today is Friday, I'm off to work today. Then tomorrow we are going to our local horse races. Ben's work is sponsoring the races tomorrow, so we get free tickets, lunch and some free drinks. The boys are off the my mum's for the afternoon and night yay!! I'm still trying to decided what dress to wear... I purchased some new shoes from work hehehe (my find of the week). Our friend also Ben's workmate Amanda has talked me into getting a spray tan.... Someone else at work (Ben's work) is getting it done at her house with a few other people and asked Amanda and she wants me to do it to. I've never had one before. We don't know the lady that is doing it and I'm a little suspicious that its not going to look good lol. But Amanda is going to ask more questions today before we do it tonight. If it looks funny I'm sure there will be photo's to show lol.

Anyway I've got some chores to do before going to work. Hope your all having a good week and an enjoyable weekend!

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