Friday, October 16, 2009

All you need is LOVE.

Today is our wedding anniversary, 5 years of wedded bliss!! Although we have been together for almost 9 years! Due to money having to go else where at this time of year, we have decided not to give each other presents. So instead our boys are going to Granny and Pa's for a sleep over. Which gives us a night to ourselves! Now we could go out to dinner but when trying to save as much money as we can that doesn't work for us, and for me, i don't really enjoy going to dinner unless we have a huge dinner party with all our family and friends. When i get to spend time with Ben on our own i like it to be somewhere quiet where its just us. So what can we do besides staying at home that wont cost us much but still have a really enjoyable time. We are going camping for the night and fishing. Camping cost's us $10 and we will take all our food, we also need to fill the car up this week anyway so it works great. We both really love the beach, and it will be great to go and not have to worry about little boys running to the water! It will be relaxing i think can't wait!

I also thought to myself, seeing as we are not doing the present thing why not write a love note, a very public love note to my love! (prob wont be very long, I've never been good at writing them lol)


To my wonderful Husband,

5 years have past since we had our wonderful wedding day, it seems so long ago. But when you think of all we have achieved as a family, we have in fact been quiet busy for our 5 years! Our 2 gorgeous boys growing so much, making us laugh in every way possible, naughty sometimes yes but oh so cheeky about how they do it. (one is on my lap right now helping me type this!). We have managed to get a house to call our own, i think something to be very proud of, although we have many dreams for our house and future houses, they will all come in time. We will one day have the money to do the things we want. But for now, we are a very loving happy family, and that's all we need to worry about, enjoying our time as a young family with little boys who in an instant wont be little anymore so we need to cherish their cheeky naughty ways. their big squeezy cuddles, sloppy kisses and most importantly their Innocent laughter.

I love you so much my dear, i could not imagine my life without you or our boys, there is not a thing i would ever change. We have started a wonderful journey and i can't wait to see where its takes us as a loving couple. :):):)

This seems so long ago! But one of my fav's from our wedding day :)


  1. Congratulations on five years marriage! You really are such a beautiful couple, and you have a wonderful family. It thrills me so much to see how happy you all are, how content with each other and how much you care for one another. Here's to many many MANY more years! oxoxox

  2. If I had to share my beloved only son with anyone...Im sooo pleased it was you!!Thankyou for making his life so wonderful,and for loving him as deeply as you do.xx
    Im wishing ,for both of you, many happy years to come.To grow old together,and watch your beautiful boys grow into amazing young men.
    And yes,it's true...All you need is love xxoo

  3. Happy Anniversary Ben and Cass. We hope you have a lovely weekend away, and many happy years to come. xoxo

  4. Thankyou all very much!! Can't wait for the years ahead, but am quite happy to stay right here in the now, so my boys don't grow up... xoxo

  5. what a lovely ,perfect present, a love letter from the heart. Hope you printed a copy so the boys can read it out on your 75th wedding anniversary. You might not be able to read the fine print by then LOL have a lovely weekend my darlings xxxxx