Wednesday, October 21, 2009

At our house today..

Here today, it is oh so nice and quiet! The boys are at daycare (Nana's house). So today while i don't have any little helpers, i got stuck into finishing organising our cupboards. I had the bathroom and the boys blanket box to do, and was surprisingly not as big a job as i thought! Last week Ben and i did the cupboard in the toy room... Oh my i had stuffed alot of CRAP in that cupboard over the last year (and only year so far of us living in this house). There is still alot in there. Alot of books that i am not yet comfortable with the boys playing with as they are still in rip mode while reading... We got 2 big piles out of there, rubbish and Vinnie's bin. Alot of toys went to Vinnie's, mostly toys that the boys are to big to play with anymore and wont miss. But don't worry i still kept alot of their toys!! We also have alot of blankets i need another cupboard for (hint hint honey) to free up the blanket box to then turn into a toy box. As of the moment i have about 3 or 4 different little baskets keeping all the toys together and they are sitting on the old baby change table. Doesn't look that neat.. We will get there, my first step was to get rid of the CRAP we don't use/need anymore. I think i can successfully say i managed that!
While sitting and typing this, it is so nice and quiet here, i can hear the birds singing... Now with the boys being away, i could put my own tv shows on i want to listen to while working, or music for that matter. But there is always something going when they are home. So when they are not here i like it to be as quiet as possible, and to be able to hear the birds (the odd car driving by as well) its bliss!! (i can think for a change!)
~~Now to outside of our house today~~
Today Bom (Bureau of Meteorology) says we are to get to 30c, at the moment we are sitting on
27.5c and 38% humidity, doesn't sound to bad, but the sun is very damn hot! I now have to start remembering to put sunscreen on before going out, especially with a big load of washing to hang.
Being spring, we have alot of flowers out, Ben will shoot me, but i can't remember the variety of Jasmin this is, but it has finally flowered. last year it didn't give us much. Hasn't really grown much either, considering the other variety is about 3/4 over the arch. But it still smells lovely!

And yes again, can't remember the name of this plant either. (why i choose to do garden post's while Ben is at work is beyond me..) It is pretty though!

Our veggies are taking off. The pumpkin is starting to get runner's off it and we think there are some flowers coming up off it already! And the corn has doubled in size!

Ben's potted lemon has gone nuts this time round, it has at least 10 lemons on it! I'm going to have to find some lemon recipes! YUM!

This is a very blurry photo, but it is of the tomatoes we have growing in pots with native trees. Now we are not really sure how they got there. There is alot of little tomatoes appearing, some a different shapes, oblong like Roma and normal round shape. We think there could have been seeds in the potting mix Ben topped up the native trees with. Doesn't matter a great deal, we get tomatoes out of it anyway!

The 3 native tree pots with the tomato plants taking over!

This is a view to the very back of our yard. Over the last couple of weekends the neighbour's have been doing some extensive pruning.. You see the whole of the fence line did have alot and i mean alot of shrubs blocking the view to our yard. Nice and private. Well not anymore. they have pulled everything away, what they have done is all along the fence line, so i'm hopeful they might being doing a new fence.. fingers crossed. They have always been busy out in the yard so i haven't wanted to interrupt them and be a busy botty neighbour and ask them what they hell they are doing with my privacy screen... Nobody lives there at the moment, haven't for quite awhile, so its probably a rental house. They may sell it after doing it up who knows..

We have 2 houses backing on to our back yard, the fellow in this house has also lost some privacy screening, now we can see directly to his house..
Hope your having a great week, I'm off to tidy up the toy room! xo

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  1. oh my you feel naked!? Here's hoping it all for a new timber 6 foot fence :0)