Thursday, October 1, 2009

Our Weekend

Now that our whole house is just about over our sickness, i feel good enough to sit at the laptop long enough to type a post! Before we all got sick, we had a wonderful weekend with our friends and family. We did a little fishing and playing on saturday with our close friends (forgot the grab the camera out of the car for that one) Boys had a blast swimming tho. We also went to Ben's cousins engagement party on saturday night. Which was great. Got to see all our family and have a couple of cocktails!! YUM!! We went to bed early enough saturday night to get ourselves organised to go fishing on sunday. We went a little further up the road than we usually do. About a 50 minute drive from our house so not too far. It is a bay area so when the tide goes out it's definitely out!! But none the less it is a beautiful area and being school holidays we were quite surprised buy the lack of people out and about on the water.

This is looking back up towards town (not a huge town) You can only see handful of people, nice and quiet!

It's not a very sandy place, Rocks, mud and sand mixed together, but it is very child friendly. We also had a few fish biting. I caught my first flat head. And lost another huge one, got a little too excited about catching a fish haha.

This is the 4 out of 5 boys we have combined with our close friends!! There is never a quiet or dull moment when the 5 get together, or shall i say when their daddies get together.... The daddies went to school together so these 5 click just as good as their dad's do!

Here are our 2 with Noggy, cowboy loves to call him noggy.. They are checking out the yabbies we pumped earlier in the day. Just making sure they haven't died yet... They got checked up on alot!!

Here is blue eyes playing in the water with our friends youngest. Just a couple of months separates these 2. They had a blast just sitting and playing!

This was taken not long before we packed up, It's pretty much high tide now. I love blue eyes in this photo, just laying in the sand legs apart having fun!!

This is our friends youngest boy, getting a little tired and grizzly at this point of the day, but sits still enough for photo's!!

And my favourite photo of all, the 3 big fishermen!!

Just love this!!
Can't wait for their next photo when they all have a rod and a fish on the end of it!!


  1. Great post! The last photo is a all those little boys xx

  2. what beautiful photos of all the baeutiful little men, lovely post