Sunday, October 25, 2009

Growing up.

Over the last few days, I've noticed our little baby boy is not so much a baby anymore. But a full blown TODDLER!

Our little blue eyes after he was born.

This is some of the things I've noticed blue eyes doing, tyring to do up clips and getting very frustrated when he can't! And wearing daddy's hat! He loves to wear it.

He has also worked out to press buttons to turn things on, one being TJ bearytales who tells him a story.

So blue eyes goes and gets a book (doesn't matter what book) and he reads it with TJ!

He has now learnt not to eat play dough too much anymore, but he loves to cut it, and he is pretty good at it as well. Concentrates very hard while doing it!

I've found him starting to use his thinking side of his brain, not just leaping into something but stopping and thinking about what he wants to do. And time is slipping away from me, my little baby has always been smart but he is getting ahead of me. I've now realised i have to start helping him with his thinking and do some learning games with him to help steer him in the right direction. I'm glad we took lots of photo's of the boys as baby's as they grow way to fast for my liking!
Hope your all having a great weekend. xo


  1. No comment!! hehehehe. I think these to are enough don't you!!

  2. No way :0) You might change your mind when Mr Blue Eyes is a little older.xx

  3. yeah, three is a good number ;)

    no pressure rofl!

    he is a beautiful child, inside and out - you should be proud of him oxox

  4. Yer no pressure at all!! lol

    I'm proud of both my boys!! Love em to bits i do! xoxo