Monday, October 12, 2009

Our weekend at home.

This weekend we stayed home pretty much the whole time. We did pop out to see Granny and Pa on Saturday arvo for some play time though!! We didn't do a great deal this weekend, some more spring cleaning, tidying, cooking and normal cleaning!!
This is our Jacaranda in full bloom without it's foliage yet.

This is my clay pot, my mil gave this to me for my birthday, and i finally found a recipe to cook in it that is designed to be cooked in a clay pot. Its called Turkish Lambcooker, more or less it's a stew. But an oh so yummy stew!! Would be great for winter. Luckily yesterday was very overcast, rainy and cold so it suited perfectly! Here is the link for the recipe, it is so very easy, 10 Min's prep and 80 Min's cooking time in the oven.

I love the idea of putting everything together in one pot and cooking, so easy and the flavour's go through all the food yummo!!

Yesterday we finally got some rain, we need alot more but this was a start. Our cowboy was so excited to see rain, no matter what we said he would sneak outside to play in it.. Cheeky!!

This is the view from my kitchen window, looking out at our vegie garden and jacaranda, and into our neighbours side yard. I love watching the rain, its even better when i have something nice to watch the rain hit like our vegies!!

I gave our cowboy the umbrella to play with out in the rain, seeing as he wouldn't stay out of it, best idea ever, he had a blast!!

Having lots of fun mum!!
Sunday was a rest day for us, Ben spent most of the day in his bar watching Bathurst, playing computer games and napping hehe. I forgot to take a photo of him asleep but i got one of him multi tasking. Watching the car race as well as playing games.. And who said men can't multi task... hehe

Honey who is winning the race????? "oh i think Holden is in the lead, i can't remember" hehe Love you Honey xo

This is a geisha girl after our rain, wasn't sure if the photo was going to turn out, I'm not as good as Ben at taking plant photo's. I just use the Auto on the camera, Ben fiddles with the settings. I know you get better photo's with that, but usually i take photo's of little boys and they need to be taken quickly!!

Speaking of little boys, while we were playing after the rain, our cowboy wanted to have a go at taking some photos. He did a pretty good job, he took heaps. I will do a post this week with some of his photos in it. Here is a sneak peek. He likes to be like daddy and take photo's of the plants!! Budding cameraman and gardener i think! Hope you have a great start to the week. I've done some more sorting of our cupboards so i need to go and move it all to where it now belongs (bin, Vinnie's, or try and sell). xxoo

Loves his gumboots, got a few good shots of them, hehe.

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  1. love your jacaranda tree and your photo of Ghesia was wonderful. You're lucky to get some rain, we got one spit and I mean "1" nothing like you seemed to get. Love that the boy loves playing in the rain, LP was hopeless to keep out of it when she was little, couldn't help herself had to be in it. Such simple pleasures. Oh and men have always been able to multi task, they have always been able to drink and watch sport no worries there.......can even add in a few burps as well.