Monday, October 26, 2009

Busy Bumble Bee's

We had another wonderful weekend at home, busy doing lots of little things around the home. Cooking, gardening, playing, pulling down the other gazebo. And one major thing.... We sold our second car. Our lil Suzy has now left us.. We had been talking and thinking about it for awhile, and with a couple of days of Ben mentioning to the fellas at work, he had someone who was really keen to buy it. On Sunday afternoon he came for a look and said yes. We are now going to be able to save some money. Not a great deal, but it's one less rego to worry about, Less on our car insurance payments and a little less fuel (will see how that one goes after using the main car more frequently over the coming weeks). Ben was going to purchase an electric bike. It has a little electric motor on it but if that runs out you can convert back to pedal power. Only catch is they cost a little more than we had thought. So instead we purchased a mountain bike and if need be Ben can buy a conversion kit to convert it to electric as well as pedal!
Tonight will be the first night that Ben is riding his bike home from work... Ben works a 2 week roster. 1 week he starts early, 2nd week he starts at lunch and works until late at night. So the plan is on earlies he will ride to work and i pick him up when he is finished. On lates i will drop him to work and he rides home. If something happens (heavy rain) a work mate may be able to drop him home or i will go pick up or drop off.
The whole 1 car family situation has got me thinking about when i was young. We only had one car. Mum didn't work until my brother and were both attending school, even then she did home day care (still does). I remember going with mum to go pick dad up from work at the local newspaper, either at the office arranging the layout or at the printing press. If it was really late we would have to wait in the car, if it was early we could go in and see dad at work. I can't remember it in great detail i was quite young, but i will never forget the smell of the chemicals wafting around the place. It was so much fun to go and see what my dad was doing all day long ( in my eyes at the time what he was playing with hehe).

This is the only photo i could find of the suzy or zook. You can probably tell by this photo she was put through a lot of things... and proved herself through every one of them!
Late yesterday afternoon after a relaxing but busy weekend we decided to be naughty and get take away for dinner... We hadn't had takeaway in ages so we had been really good. We went and ate it at a park, the wind started to pick up though and the boys didn't get to have a play. So i promised to take them today after daycare. And i did. I thought we were going to get washed out, but no of course the rain didn't come our way :(

This is a playground at our local sporting fields. I love it, big ovals and hardly anyone comes to it!! (and lots of shade!)

Our cheeky cowboy showing off.

Blue eyes trying to work out the spinning drum.

The boys had a blast, they love the slides, Blue eyes walks up to try beat cowboy climbing the ladder. They meet almost at half way have a collision and slide down together, with loads of laughter!
Today Blue eyes had his 18 month needles.... I gave him some nurofen before going to the dr's, so if a temp was brewing it wouldn't be as bad. He was really good, didn't even cry for the needle, very tough boy. I almost cried for mine.. Anyway he went really good, mum said he slept for almost 2 hours, but the good news he feels fine no temp!! I think he wont get one. But to be safe i gave him some more nurofen before bed tonight just in case. I really do not want another febrile convulsion. I know another one is on the cards, but would like it to be quite a while after the last one.. Will see how we go!
I hope you all have a great week :-) xo


  1. Hello, you have a very nice blog and your photos I really like. Have a nice day, Radka.

  2. Thankyou Radka :) Glad you like it, look forward to seeing you visit again!

  3. Has Ben got jelly legs yet??? Mine ache just thinkin' bout that ride,lol. xx

  4. No so far so good!! We will see how his muscle's feel at the end of the week! xo