Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Reason

Last week i did a post on my cowboy, so this week i thought i would do one on blue eyes. It is also another reason why i wanted to start a blog in the first place.
Talking to granny on the phone!

Blue eyes gets his beautiful eyes from his wonderful granny!

Now to my post. Blue eyes is now 18 months old, and he is cheeky, naughty, funny, smart, a worry, rough, fearless and so many more things!! Now just after his 1st birthday blue eyes got one of his first ever temperatures. Up to this point he had hardly ever been sick. The odd snotty nose and cough but nothing that needed strong medicine for. Unfortunately with this first temp, he had a febrile convulsion. Which means his temp spiked to quickly for his little body to handle which results in the body melting down and convulsing. Both Ben and i were at work at the time. Blue eyes was at daycare (my mum's). My poor mum had to deal with the first one. Thank goodness my dad was home and my brother turned up at the right time.

So far blue eyes has had 3 convulsions. He had a follow up convulsion the day after his first one. Which put us in hospital for the day to find out why he was having them. Children aged between 6 months and 6 yrs are prone to having these, they are more common than what i thought. I had never heard of them before blue eyes. But the doc's at our local hospital new exactly what it was (they were fantastic by the way). Normally a child will have a convulsion before or during a sickness, infection or virus.. But no our blue eyes has to be different.... Very different. As i said earlier he hardly gets a temp. Since having his first convulsion he has had 3 temps, all from teeth, the third temp being his third convulsion. So he only needs a temp from teeth mucking him up to go to meltdown... He does not get sick in any other way after his convulsion, which to me is the scariest part.

After his third one, which was very mild. I took him for a doc visit, just to check everything and make sure he was going well (he was great, running a muck in the waiting room, wouldn't have thought anything had happened to him). There was nothing wrong with him, his temp had settled a little, but there was no virus or infection to worry about.. My doctor told me about looking for blogs to see other families living with children who have chronic convulsions. problem is i can only find blogs of families that have a once off convulsion. I have found a blog which explains in more detail how convulsions work etc, it has alot of info for me to read. Which will be helpful, the more info we have the better prepared we are. So that is Another Reason why i thought a blog about us would be a good idea, so then i am putting more information out there for someone else to find.

Now blue eyes may never have another convulsion, but there is a very very good chance he will. We just don't know... So to better prepare ourselves, i have a little bag that goes everywhere with us, well blue eyes anyway. It has an ear thermometer (best one ever takes temp in a second!) and medicine. The doc suggested to keep suppositories because they work faster than oral medicine, and if he is not feeling well he may throw up the oral... so they are in there as well. 2 different types, one for his age group which is 125 mg and then the age group above him 250 mg or could be 200 mg. I can't remember they are with blue eyes at daycare today lol. And his normal nurofen as it last longer than panadol and has always seemed to work better on him than panadol. We also have a magic number... The temp at which to keep him under. 39c is the magic number, as we didn't take his temp when he had his convulsion (didn't have a good thermometer, but we do now!) this is what i remembered from our last hospital trip when we arrived there. so when he gets sick he has 4 hourly observations. so when it happens again we know exactly what the magic number will be.

As scary as a convulsion is to watch or have happen to you , i think at the age he is at, he doesn't really know what is happening. It is not a nice thing to go through whether being a mum or grandma, as there is nothing you can do, but to have him in the recovery position and wait.. Not a nice thing to have to watch. I would not wish this upon my worst enemy. But we as a family (the whole extended family) have learnt from this and we are all aware of it and have this knowledge to share with our friends.

So blue eyes is watched with a careful eye now, always feeling him checking his temp, both Ben and i have become quite obsessive at checking his temp when he wakes or if he is sleeping longer than normal. And it has affected his night sleep, mainly on our part... We don't want him to over heat too much so most times instead of letting him try get himself back to sleep we just put him in to bed with us, its safer i guess, knowing his temp is good and he is safe between us and we can keep an eye on him. Although he is a horrible sleeper, he gets the tossing and turning from me. He sleeps with his head on me and feet on daddy... This is something we have to try and curve, but i am finding it hard to just let him settle himself, the crying i handle its not knowing how hot he is and if his getting too hot... ahhhh we will work it out. eventually!!

Well that is alot of info about our lil blue eyes, hope you enjoyed and it and learnt something from it. Thanks to my children i am always learning something new, especially how you can love someone so much, and they can't even talk to tell you how much they love you, but they give you a look and you know exactly how they feel, i love it just love it. Hope you have a great day xo

First time on cowboys slide. (Before his haircut!)


  1. he is so much like his granny the red terror is reborn

  2. Great post darlin' This little one will be keeping all of us on our toes :0)
    I loves that cheeky face xxxxx