Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Job Description :- Dinner Sitter
Duties Include :- Playing, keeping an eye on 2 little boisterous boys while mummy cooks dinner. Helping their mummy getting them to eat their dinner, while daddy is at work.
Hours of work :- 5 nights a week every second week between 5:30pm and 7pm
We are only halfway through this week and i am already not looking forward to our dinner time rituals.. Normally i have a good routine, i love routine when it comes to my boys. My cowboy thrived on it when he was younger, My blue eyes however has always been different and never taken too anything... So since he was born, we have been spending alot of energy trying to get a routine happening for 2 boys.. It sort of worked, the food routine was set in and working great. But lately dinner time has kinda fallen apart... When my wonderful husband is home for dinner during early shift work, dinner runs so smoothly, but when he is on lates, nothing sticks. All you can hear from our house is 2 little boys either laughing their guts out cause they are being very naughty and getting into things or fighting and wrestling under my feet in the kitchen, so all you hear from me is a very cranky mummy.. Not much sleep at night hasn't helped me either, i used to half get dinner ready while blue eyes had his nap so it wouldn't be as bad in the late afternoon, but now all i do when he sleeps is sleep as well, i do catch up on some sleep, but dinner time is not as fun as it use to be... I'm sure it will work itself out, or I'll end up with only 1 boy again after all the fighting 1 is bound to get seriously hurt soon. Could be me as they play under my feet while cutting and cooking at the stove. Oh dear...
I do love my boys to bits, but it's hard when they are hungry and something needs to be cooked and watched and you can't really just drop it to go and play what they want you to play.. I know they will understand in time. But right now I'm extremely frustrated...
Some Good news...
Our Blue eyes slept solidly last night from 1am to 5.30 am!!! Finally, i got at least 4 hours solid sleep in. And he was pretty excited to wake up in his own bed... Of course i made a huge deal over it, big smiles and cuddles for him. I hope it makes him want to stay in it again tonight all night long!! And he got no temp whatsoever with his needles, so happy about that. Now it's just a waiting game on his bottom 2 eye teeth to see what they will provide!!
Hope your all have a great hump day! xo

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