Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Our budding photographer.

On the weekend our lil cowboy wanted to join in with taking photo's. So i showed him how to take the photo's and off he went. He is going to turn into a good photographer. Some turned out pretty good, others are a little blury...

Bruce's mouth.

Daddy's plants.

Oh look mummy my gumboots got in this photo!

Artistic photo of mummy!

Artisitc photo of the beloved swing.

Daddy's flowers.

More of daddy's plants.

This turned out really well. I'm very proud of our cowboy!

And lastly trying to photograph ants!!


  1. Great photo's my little darlin' I love the ant photo and the gumboots the best!!At least you had a pretty shirt on mummy :0)

  2. I know, he took another of me but it wasnt very nice, showed some rolls under my chin.. eewww! He has the photography bug now, wants to take photo's all the time!! xo

  3. so clever :) kids LOVE taking photos!

  4. my favourite one is the gumboots, what a clever boy you have there, thank goodness for digital, I remember Lauri & Jordy taking the whole roll of film in about 2 seconds when they were about 4. Very funny photos of themselves watching to see if we were coming. what a hoot XXXXXTP