Monday, October 5, 2009

Mummy Daddy time with the DOG!

This afternoon before going and picking up our boys from daycare, Ben and i decided to do something different than our normal chores around the house. At first we thought about fishing in our local river. But Ben was a lil tired from work and me a lil tired from blue eyes having yet another restless night.. So instead we took our doggy Bruce down for a swim!! Which we haven't done in ages. Actually i think years 3 to be exact.. Well before cowboy was born.. Poor Brucey doesn't get to do as many fun things with us anymore. The photo's were taken off my phone, so are not as good as could be..
Bruce waiting for something to be thrown to him.

These next few are Bruce mid flight/landing/splashing in the water.

As we drove down the very dry, dirt road to the crossing, Bruce was getting a little excited. The crossing has changed many times over the years and has alot of rocks from where the river bed use to be. So as we drove on them he knew where we were... He ran straight into the water! His favourite thing to do is to chase rocks... smart dog lol.. We throw rocks in different directions and he chases and launches through the water. We took his ball for a play but he chased it once and let it drift away in the water, he just wanted the rocks!! He is a very funny dog. Being a border collie you would think he could swim really well.... um well he can swim but he has a heavy bum, he looks so awkward swimming like he is sinking all the time.. He tries his hardest, even when Ben threw a rock into the deep, it had already sunk being a rock. But he kept swimming and swimming trying to find it, we had to throw another to get his attention to turn around before he completely sunk... lol

This was only a very short play time for us, but we don't know why we haven't thought of it before. So we are planning to try and do it more often and get some more time without kiddies, that doesn't involve something to do with the house, even if it is for 30 Min's or an hour before having to pick them up at day care. It was well worth it. And maybe when we have had a lot of rain and cleared out the crossing, we might have a swim with Bruce as well!! xo


  1. He had a blast, loved it so much. Hope your feeling better. Wyatt is taking his time getting over his bug.. xxoo