Monday, September 28, 2009

Proud Mamma

Today i was going to do a post on our wonderful weekend with our family and friends, but my lil blue eyes is sick. He has a tummy bug which has been going around. I'm not proud he is sick, but i am very proud of his older brother our cowboy. I now know that when it's really needed my cowboy will listen and follow instructions 100%. So i thought i would base my post on our cowboy. While blue eyes is having another nap.

Here is blue eyes having a blast in the water on the weekend.

This is my cowboy doing what he loves best, helping me in the kitchen!

This was taken on the weekend as well.

Now while blue eyes has been sick today, our cowboy has helped me by getting me some towels and wipes while i kept blue eyes calm so we could clean him up. Cowboy has also tried to keep blue eyes happy while i cleaned up some mess as well. And as we speak cowboy is going through all our toys trying to give each one to blue eyes to see if he wants to play... awwww cowboy is trying so hard to make his brother happy. When it comes down to it the good things they do definitely out ways the bad. I'm so proud to have such a wonderful 3 yr old. Now i wonder if cowboy is able to cook dinner, not sure how that will work out tonight. Toasted sandwiches might be the go i think!!

Who couldn't love that face, such a cheeky boy! xo

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  1. yes you should be very proud of both your boys , they are treasures