Saturday, September 19, 2009


The front garden, this used to be all grass, we used the wood chips from the old gum tree that was cut down out the back and the rocks from a bloke at work. I will post some before and after shots another time. This garden is just below the road and is pretty muck road base and clay.

Pink Evening Primrose, Nan has thease in her garden and mum pinched some for me.

White Evening Primrose, this does so well in the crappy clay soil.

Mock Orange


little lemons

Potato's have sprouted

Mums Pumpkin This fella I found while spraying . It was massive!

A bit scary!!

Wyatt was playing in the sand while I was taking photos ans asked me to take one of him.
So happy!

Well i thought I better put a post on here, I cant let Cass have all the fun. Today I was up at about 7:30, had a late night and now have a bit of a cold but didnt stop me from getting the whipper snipping done. I also raked up a few more leaves to add to the massive compost we have down the back. I then went over to a mates place to fix a couple of holes in his wall from a party last weekend. The people responsible are giving me a carton for it. I then came home to tidy up "The Bar" I will post a few pics later on down the track. Its getting pretty hot now, its 1:33 pm and Cass has been baking bread for the last 2 hours. So there are a few photos I took out and about today.


  1. Nice pics :) I'm thinking of asking nana for some evening primrose too, it does so well! will be out in the garden this arvo, when the heat is gone - there are lettuce seedlings to plant :) love to you all, oxox

  2. hey Beno & Cass
    garden looks wonderful. Can i get some evening primrose too, they look lovely
    see yaall next weekend xxTP

  3. Great post Ben,your(my)evening primrose looks very pretty :0)

  4. Love the photos of is a blog you might like. Mr H lives in the US and he and his wife grow and make everything! check it out when you get time.Id love to be this good .Love to all xxxx