Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Plants are Emerging

Well the potatoes that we weren't sure of actually growing are doing their job properly, we have 3 little potato plants popping up, hopefully more to come.
This is the biggest potato plant in the patch.

This is an idea Ben got off my mum. Using toilet paper rolls to raise seeds. It's working. Ben planted corn in these so far all but 2 or 3 have emerged. Now to find somewhere to plant the corn...

3 of my lettuce seedlings are getting bigger. I need to move the ones at the front more into the shade i think. They are getting too much of the mid day sun.

This is a photo of our Jacaranda tree, it is at the front of our house. I can't quite remember the time of year they flower, i thought it had already happened. But it's decided to flower while trying to grow back its new foliage. And it has a heap more buds as well. That's all from me for this post, it is just about my bed time (need to start going to bed earlier). Then i might start keeping my energy up during the day, if blue eyes lets me sleep during the night. Seems to be a never ending cycle. On the upside he is finally saying some new words. My favourite "apple" it's so cute the way he says it! Anyway off to bed. xo

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