Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Favourites

At the moment my favourite thing to try and do is cook, well try my hardest to cook! And my all time favourite cookbooks at the moment are these lil beauties.

Both were given to me and both are fantastic, so many recipes to choose from, and yes only 4 ingredients which i love the most. You can of course add more to them if you wish. They have everything from morning teas, sauces, main meals, what to do with vegies and another of my favourites DIPS. mmmmm i'm loving dip and biscuits!! Yesterday i made guacamole, the garlic i used however deff kept the vampires away but it did not take away from the taste it was very yummy. Below is a another homemade dip. Its something Ben and i whizzed up ourselves a few months ago. Home on a Sunday with biscuits and no dip waiting for the footy to start, so we used what we had in the fridge/cupboard and came up with this beauty and we can't go past it at all.

MMMM yum!!! I'm not yet prepared to give out the whole ingredient list but the main base is sour cream, yes sour cream it's what we had in the fridge upon first making it and it doesn't taste as good with anything else, and there is tomato, i might give you one more cause you can see it haha parsley (homegrown i might add!) Dip seems to taste oh so much better when it's homemade, actually i think everything does. The labour you put into makes it very worth while. I'm very good at making dips, i love making dips (i can't burn them!!) Anyone who knows me knows that i do like to burn things, my hands, my food hey why not the tea towel left on the stove!! And my home made bread i'm trying to perfect is not left out either..

Yes it does still look good, but just a little over brown than i would like. And yes i put a timer on but it went off and i got distracted, then 10 mins later oh crap my bread!! My mother-in law has put the bread bug in me she makes her own and i love home made bread its so much yummier (and better for you) than shop breads. I'm experimenting at the moment with putting some extra grains in. So far I'm going really well with it. Although i have to put the smaller grains in so our cowboy doesn't complain about them and pull them out of his bread. Another hurdle to overcome with feeding a "big boy".

Both my boys usually go to daycare (my mum's she does home daycare) 2 days a week. My wonderful mum is taking a much deserved holiday for 2 weeks so i need to start planning some activities/outings to keep us all sane ( well just mummy and daddy, all they seem to do lately is fight, the boys that is!).

This Wednesday one of my close friends is asked us to go to a market within our local region, i can't wait i have only been twice so am very looking forward to it. And to get the boys out of the house, with one of their much loved aunties. That's one day down what to do for the rest!! I tried some painting with them the other day. Not kiddie painting on paper, but my crafty painting.... Who's good idea was that one!!! Our cowboy was good, Blue eyes on the other hand, well he enjoyed it. Me not so much. I was trying not to put paint on his brush, i thought i could get away with it. He new better, walked over what we were painting to dip the brush, then back onto the cement, ( lil foot prints everywhere). He then decided he had enough with mummy and cowboy getting cranky with him, time to go see the dog. Luckily he didn't make it to Bruce, but he did wash his brush in Bruce's water bowl. Came back to show me his lovely cleaning effort only to walk back onto what we were painting!!!
Oh my lil blue eyed rock star always entertaining, even when i am trying to be stern...

I was going to put a cute smiley photo up, but i have hardly any photo's of blue eyes sitting still, and i love this photo. One of the few times he has actually fallen asleep by himself!! Hope you all have a great start to the week!! xo


  1. dip looks yummo, give us the rest of the ingrdients.....ppplllleeeeaaassseeee.Lucky the days are warm now and all kids love to play water games even if its washing up all the plastic plates and cups. Keeps them amused for ages, give it a whirl, just make sure its done outside :-O xxTP

  2. "ingredients" blond moment or fumble fingers..

  3. That's a great idea!! I pulled the duplo blocks out today they were good!! And even with the right spelling i'm not sure i'll give my ingredient's away!!! haha

  4. Is that really Mr Blue eyes sleeping ????Dont see THAT too often,lol.