Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Afternoon Playtime

Most afternoon's we have our late afternoon playtime, which is usually right before i make dinner. Most of the time it makes them happy enough for me to make dinner without any troubles. Our playtime now consists of alot of swinging, thanks to daddy hanging the swing off the camphorlorel (not sure if that's spelt correctly) tree in the back corner or our yard. The boys love it and fight over it. The cowboy loves to go very very high. As you can see in the picture below blue eyes likes to remind me to push. One of his latest words which he loves to say alot while swinging..

Our cowboys latest game playing has to do with fighting, any sort of fighting.. Guns, swords anything he can think of. His favourite is to be a ninja turtle or Ben 10. He is very funny to watch while playing these games by himself, but not so funny when trying to fight his younger brother..

Yesterday i forgot to mention our dog. He is a pure bred border collie, with wonderful markings. His name is Bruce and he was our first baby. We got him before we were married he is now 5, and is wonderful with our boys. They love him to bits as much as we do. He has his own distinct personality, which from what I've been told most of Ben's dogs had. But i love that and wouldn't want a family pet any other way!! Last week we got his annual vet letter in the mail reminding us about his vaccinations, very important but costly.. Especially when it comes at the same time of year as the paralysis tick come out. Last year our beloved Bruce got a nasty tick, roughly a week after having his needles. And of course there was no way he was going anywhere so we spent and arm and a leg at the vet with their special serum.. it worked thank god life without Bruce would not be the same. So this year i am on the ball and have already put tick ointment on him which also needs to be done again this week.

The boys not only like to sit next to Bruce but sometimes on him, he just lays there and does nothing, waits until they are done.. very patient..

Bruce also likes afternoon playtime, well he actually likes to play anytime, even during the heat of the day in summer he brings his toy up to play. That is the only time he gets impatient and gives off a yelp/bark/ or growl to remind you he is there to play as well!

This is not the best photo, but i love photo's of animals in flight, he looks so happy, in his element!!
Now to a funny story, our cowboy has shown blue eyes how to move the kitchen chairs up to the bench to help... GREAT!!!! Here he is below trying to help with dinner...

That's not the funny story, just what he did to distract me.. while i was taking photo's of blue eyes and keeping an eye on dinner, i had forgotten i left our house phone (cordless) on the middle bench. Well our cowboy found it.. Not long after getting blue eyes down i heard a phone dialing and thought it must have been on TV. Then realised cowboy had Ben 10 on ( we have now watched it hmmm a million times) i new instantly it was our phone, went looking for cowboy in the toy room asked him were it was and i heard this faint "Hello".
He had pressed redial and loudspeaker and called his granny!! He then went to speak to his beloved granny for about 10 minutes when blue eyes stole the phone and grumbled some words and pressed some buttons. Cowboy eventually got the phone back and asked for His Pa.. He then spoke to pa for quite a while and when i said dinner was ready he hung up on him!! He may have said i love you and goodbye, but it's not always clear as he is concentrating on the hang up button!! Very Very cheeky!! I'm sure Granny and Pa got a big kick out of it. And a big lesson learnt from mummy, Put the phone back up high out of reach!! lol
Hope you enjoyed, i will talk again soon xo


  1. Yep,loved it :0)He can ring us any time ! Just wish I could understand Blue Eyes alittle better!
    love to all xx

  2. lol, he was pointing to things and moving from room to room, was very cute!! Hope pa is feeling better xoxo

  3. hope you don't have any overseas numbers on the phone list.....I think Jorja rang her mummy one day at work while I was looking after her. They are too clever aren't they...have all been here before. Granny would have loved every minute of her call.xxTP