Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wishful Thinking

Over the last few weeks, my wonderful boys have been trying my patience quite abit which has lead me to do quite alot of wishful thinking and here is some of it.....
First of all some results of my boys fighting..
A bite mark on cowboys cheek, doesn't look so bad in a photo.

Pay back i think this time was a bitch, cowboy got a good one on blue eyes with my kitchen spatula.

Now some wishful thinking..

I wish i could spend more time watching my boys playing and not fighting.

I wish my boys could actually sit and play without me there so i can watch peacefully.

I wish i could have as much energy after a horrible nights sleep like blue eyes has.

I wish i could watch the news at least once this week.

I wish that Ben and i were able to have a conversation once a day or every couple of days without interruption.. (haha i always laugh at that one, even if its screaming the boys have something more important to say!).

I wish it didn't bother me as much that the boys want to help me with my crafty things (this is why i pretty much no longer do adult craft only kiddie craft, as i spend more time cleaning up after them and less time enjoying myself and de-stressing).

I wish i could get loads more cuddles/kisses and snuggles from the boys instead of them hitting/biting/ jumping and pulling my hair.

Every time i go to bed of a night i wish that blue eyes will sleep at least till 3 am so we can get at least a few solid hours sleep.

When we eventually rise and shine of a morning (when it's finally daylight) i wish that maybe today i wont be as cranky from tiredness as the last.

I wish my boys wouldn't play on my tiredness and crankiness as much as they do.

and finally one more to add to the last one,

I wish my boys wouldn't out smart me as much as they do, Shows me just how much they have grown and how they keep growing up way to fast!!

Today i did some cooking, which is another thing i love to do, sometimes helps me to de-stress. Only tho when my boys don't want to help. Today was not a de-stress day. Both pulled the chairs over to help. Blue eyes did not want to let go of the spatula for me to be able to cook our fritters..

Cheeky turkey, he is a great mixer, fritter mixture everywhere!!

The end result Zucchini and Parmesan fritters.

These fritters are a huge favourite in our house, you can practically put anything in them. The boys favourite is cheese and bacon.. mmm yum!! The recipe is so easy, i will add it in below for you!. Time for bed again. I'm trying to read before nodding off to sleep lately, it's going ok so far! I'm not a huge reader, never really have been. But over the last few years I've been trying to read some more to get some quiet me time. Hasn't really worked. You see I'm still reading the same book i was reading when i fell pregnant with Angus..... Problem is i only get time to read when the boys are sleeping which is usually when i need to be sleeping as well!! So we will see how it goes. I'm really wanting to finish the book I'm on so i can start a book one of my really good friends got me for my birthday. Hopefully in the next few weeks i will be reading it!! hahahaha i make myself laugh!! Goodnight. xo.

Best and Easiest Fritters Ever... (recipe originally from my Mummy)

1 cup s/r flour
pinch salt
1 tbl spoon melted butter or oil
2/3 cup tepid water
1 egg white

1. Sift flour and salt into a bowl.
2. make a well in middle.
3. pour in oil or butter.
4. Stir flour gradually with the back of wooden spoon.
5. Add water a little at a time.
6. Beat into a smooth batter.
7. Add extra ingredients you wish to add.
8. Beat egg white stiffly.
9. Stir it in very lightly last of all, just before using.

I have found that when cooking these you need alot of oil in the pan, seems to help them rise a little better (not quite so healthy tho). And if you make the fitters to big they will not cook very will in the middle. Hope you enjoy making them as much as we do!


  1. You will look back at these days and laugh when they are older...about that time ,you will start worrying about your grandkids and elderly parents too.Welcome to the club my darlin' xxx

  2. you really wouldn't have it any other way would you!!!! except maybe the sleeps, enough sleep does help you to carry on the next day. When the boys get to teenagers and don't want to go near you, you'll wish they were little again. Oh the joys of bringing up a family xxxxx

  3. no i wouldn't have it any other way, they are deffinetly the biggest test to a parent on earth tho!! I'm pretty sure i'm doing alright ;). With angus being sick wyatt has never helped me so much, i'm very proud of him!!