Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I've been contemplating for awhile whether do start a blog or not. We have some close family members that have blogs and we love reading them. I always thought that we probably didn't really do alot of interesting things to blog about. But recent events with one of our sons and our future dreams and plans i think might prove quite exciting to blog about and share!

So while our youngest, our blue eyed rock star is having his daytime nap and our oldest, our lil cowboy is watching a movie ( the original Willy Wonka, of all the movies available to watch he wants what i think is one of the all time great movies, obviously i love the movie to death as well!) I'm sitting here working out how to use this. I was hoping for some help from my always clever husband who knows alot more technical things than i do, especially to do with computers but alas he said it was up to me... great!! And he had to go to work..

So actually typing something is easy than i thought! So know i should probably write a little more about us. Myself (Cass) I'm a stay at home mum with our 2 boys, hoping to study something in the future to allow me to work from home (will see how that works out). Always running after our boys, learning how to deal with toddler hood and I'm a big boyhood!! And boy what a learning curve it is. Know i now why everyone says parenting is learnt on the job! Everyday in our house is different to the last. My wonderful husband (Ben) works at our local meat works, loves his garden (would love to spend more time in it) and loves his fishing and camping and taking photo's. I guess you could say he loves being outside, which is where i think our boys get it from. Our 2 boys, Our oldest is our cowboys who is 3 and is growing into big boyhood, which is a learning experience. And our youngest the blue eyed rockstar who is just about 1 and half, who likes to keep us on our toes in everyway!! So i think that may be enough for now, i might add in some photo's if i can work out how!! Wish me luck. xo

Our family trip to the beach for Father's day the other week. (trying to teach the cowboy how to fish!)


  1. love the name and your dream xxxx

  2. about time you joined us on the dark side ;) looking forward to following your journey, and seeing pics of those sweet boys! oxox

  3. Great blog!So glad you are doing this.Its a wonderful way of keeping a diary.love you all xxxx

  4. Thankyou, i am very excited. I now have a few idea's for future blogs!! xo