Friday, September 18, 2009

Vege Garden

This is our sad lil vege garden... When we started it last year it was just an experimental thing, having fun to see what we could grow. (or what could get eaten to bits).

We have now decided to build a proper garden, with raised beds. We will do them one at a time. The left hand side of the garden has some pumpkin at the front and potatoes at the back. Ben is not sure if the potatoes will take as they were leftovers from the last time we tried potatoes and they had already well and truly sprouted in the bag!! So the bed on the right where our little celery plants are growing (which have been in for i would say almost 3 months), haven't been doing very well, this will be where our first bed will go. The pots in the middle have my lettuce in them. I haven't grown lettuce in pots before,will see how they go! The last lettuce we grew was cos and it was fantastic all 8 seedlings did really really well. We had alot of lettuce, so alot was given away!!
We have great plans to try and grow alot of what we eat!! Ben's mum and his cousin have been growing alot in their gardens, and we love the idea of growing our own aswell. Saves money, gets us outdoors more and the boys love to help especially when it comes to picking, although they can be a little ruthless!

Most of the pots in this picture are native plants, but ben also has in this row a potted lemon, which just had heaps of flowers. We got 4 lemons off it last time. Its starting to do really well. And he has a kumquat (i think thats how its spelt..) which we haven't done much with. Blue eyes likes to pick the ripe fruit off it (he seems to know which is ripe and which isnt), he doesn't like it though. He makes the funniest faces, but he keeps going back for more!! We also put some of them into a rumtopf (alcoholic liqueur thing) which should be ready at new years!! Right at the top of this photo is what we tried to do with the potatoes.. Not quite sure how to explain it, this is why i wanted ben to help me to these sort of blogs, such a greater gardener than me, i just water and pick the rewards! We made a circular wire frame i guess and put the potatoes in the bottom i think and straw on top as the plant grew thru the straw, then added more straw. Unfortunately the tatties only grew in the bottom where the dirt was. So back to the drawing board for potatoes!!

I have been talking to ben for awhile about making a chart for our cowboy. He is growing very fast and needs a little guidence to get things done. Just simple things like getting himself dressed and eating all his dinner. So i decided to make a chart that we can put stickers on and if he has stickers on everything at the end of the week he will get some pocket money. I was going to go out and buy a whole heap of stuff to make it with. But realised i had some scrap booking items (were a prezzie from my mum ages ago). I've always wanted to try scrap booking but haven't really got around to it. I'm a little crafty but my craft is painting. not so good with the glue and fiddle bits.. So i sat down today while blues was sleeping (still is) he had a bad night sleep last night and is a little off colour, and i put it together. I realised when i went to glue together, that i don't really have the right glue for the job. Oh well, i'm not trying to win an award and it still looks good! I'm going to put it in a plastic sleeve so i can easily take the stickers off each week. Hopefully it will work!!

I couldn't get a great photo of it, but you can get the idea of it. Well i'm off to check on blue eyes, don't particularly want his temp to go up, bens at work now so i really don't want another convulsion while i'm by myself so i'm prepared to let him run around naked this afternoon to keep him as cool as possible, actually that does sounds nice and cool!! (pity i'm not little anymore!) Have a great friday afternoon! xo


  1. love your chart, good luck with it. He's a beautiful little boy and before you know it he will be off to school, high school, girl friends!!!!!!( oh NOOOO) and then off on his own. Enjoy him at every age. xxxx for all

  2. Thanks Trish, I don't want to know about girl friends yet... Just let me get past the tantrums first!! I'm trying my hardest to enjoy him, it's hard when he chooses not to listen to me... He does give my lots of cuddles out of the blue tho, i do so love them!!