Monday, January 30, 2012

Gettin MA Groove Back!

Ok, First week of school for Cowboy went super well! Second week started today, and went super as well! Easy as for drop off. Making it super easy for me! Whoo!
So that now means its time for me to get organised. And I've been doing alot of that today. Also did alot of that last Friday with Ben for organising some financial goodies, new second hand car and a new boat hopefully in the pipeline this week. But also getting rid of our Credit Card for good. The evil, evil thing it is!

Today I re-did our meal planner, seeing as Ben is away most of the week, I can make meals to mainly suit the little men of the house. And also made myself a weekly planner, I felt last week i needed my lists more so than ever. As i had more time, i felt a little lost. So made one up and laminated it as well. Very happy with myself!

This is where our laptop and accessories have been living on the dining table.. In the way all the time. So it was time to organise a space for it permanently.

I have been wanting to buy a computer table, but can't find one i like. So I've improvised for now and used one of our camping tables.. Works pretty good i think!

More organising to come this! Whoohoo!!


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