Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teary Start.

Yesterday was Cowboy's first day at school. He was so full of nerves and excitement in the morning he would not allow me to take his photo lol!

I new that he would/will LOVE school, he thrives on structure and routine and has a massive thirst for learning and knowledge. But he has a bad case of separation anxiety, well he use to.

He did have a few tears when i had to leave, but was happy for the teacher to take him for sit down time on the carpet. Me well of course i had tears! But because he wasn't so bad, i wasn't so bad. I did worry about him all day, he has a way of holding on to things and making you feel bad for something that happened days ago. So i was waiting for some sniggering when i picked him up.

But this is what greeted me....

I think he enjoyed his first day. He tried to tell me all about it, but too many things were swirling around in his head most of didn't make sense. He did teach me the Hokey Pokey lol. And exclaimed quite loud after that lesson that he was going back EVERY day to school, BUT not weekends cause that's when i get to see daddy.

I was very proud of him this morning, he backed up the second day with confidence, he hugged his teachers without hesitation and was happy for me to leave and for him to sit on the carpet and wait for the teacher to go through their morning board.. One BIG school boy now!!

I've been plodding along trying to get my products organised to try and sell..

I received my order of goodies today. So will be mixing, stirring and pouring over the next few days.

I had an idea the other week to sell these as well. Nice lil packs to go with a scrub or body wash! Although the organza bags i ordered are a little smaller than i expected. My fault didn't read the size properly before purchasing.. They can still be used though.. They have to be i have 100 of them!! LOL

Hope Blog Land is well!!


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