Sunday, January 15, 2012

7 Days..

We have 7 days until our Cowboy starts Prep (school). He is very very excited! I'm very glad he is getting so excited about it. He has had a mixed bag of emotions over it the last few months. The actual first day, may be a different story. Grandma is coming to stay though and will look after Blue Eyes whilst I take him. As we've had over the years some separation anxiety for both boys. I really don't know how long I'll be at school with him the first day, so Grandma's help will be excellent!

Cowboy after getting his uniforms last week.. Super Duper Happy!!

I Finally got around to making some more Washing Gel, Lemon Eucalyptus, our clothes will smell great!

We've heard from a couple of people about a shop in Bundaberg called Nanna's Pantry. So we went to check it out yesterday.. It has now become my fave shop.

Both pictures are from Nanna's Pantry, they have all sugars, flours, dried fruit, lentils, beans the list goes on some standard and some organic. They make some of their own products i got us some of their peanut butter. They also have teas and coffee seeds/pods what ever they are called and will grind them too. A whole room of lollies as well, chocolate, nut mixes. We shall shop there often i think.

My New book, I've been told by Ben his dad wants to read this when I'm done, i better get reading then! Don't think I'll have any trouble he's a pretty interesting guy.

We went kayaking, fishing and prawning yesterday, for about 3 hours. Was excellent, I caught a baby shovel nose shark. Ben caught 2 baby bream and a heap of prawns in his cast net. Which turned into our dinner, Best prawns I've ever had! He is the best hunter gather and cook!!

Next weekend we have Ben's work Christmas weekend. So will sure to have some photo's to share! :-) xx

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