Monday, December 6, 2010


We've had a few days of on and off showers and heavy rain. Yesterday the boys had, had enough and decided it was play time in the slosh we call our yard!

Blue Eyes enjoying himself!

Cowboy giving himself a bath apparently! and Enjoying it haha

The dog couldn't be out done he had to join in on the fun and games as well!! And got just as dirty as the boys, but poor Bruce will stay that way until a sunny day, as it is pouring again whilst i type this..

After enough in the slosh, it was time to jump it off!

Our summer this year is suppose to be wetter than normal... I'm not happy with this, But can't change it! It hasn't really heated up a great deal, still some humid days from the rain but not as hot as it usually is this time of year...
We had a great time at Ben's work Xmas party on the weekend, the boys got to see Santa, get some lollies and balloon swords to play with. And other kids to wear them out! Oh and a jumping castle they loved it. Topped off with a sleepover at nana and grandads house. Perfect!
Hope you all had a great weekend as well :-)

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