Monday, December 5, 2011


When our close friends from Noosa (very soon to be our friends from Darwin!) were packing up there house to move. She decided she didn't want her ice cream maker anymore. And gave it to me. Along with a waffle maker.. The boys were so very excited.

So today we have made Ice Cream. There are many different recipes to make homemade ice cream. I choose a very very simple one for our first go.

The 4 ingredients needed. How easy.

Mixing. The bowl it's mixed in needs to be frozen first for at least 48 hours. The mixture once mixed initially needs to be put in the fridge to cool right down so it freezes easier when it is in the mixer above.

Finished product! YUM!!

I am now looking forward to trying the other variations/recipes and come up with some of my own too!!


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