Monday, August 8, 2011

Where have we been.

Have we been busy?!

Ben purchased a new motor for the rotisserie. Mmmmm Roast pork cooked over an open fire.

Cowboy has his first loose tooth. Bottom front your left. He is very EXCITED!!

I've experimented with some scrubs, and have some goodies on there way for more experimenting ;-)

We cleaned out our back gardens and mulched them, and now our Iris's are starting to bloom. I've counted so far 26 buds making their way up to our beautiful winter sunshine.

Poor Nigel went to fishie heaven. Our last round of very cold temps was the deal breaker. RIP Nigel.

Meet our new Gold fish, The white molly is Cowboys and his name is Nemo. Blue eyes is the fantail and his name is Faster.. Interesting, both are as silly as each other.

I purchased a new chair for people to relax in whilst i give them a Mani or a pedi, The boys love it too!

Today is Cowboys Birthday. Big number 5!! We had a small party in the park with yummy ice cream cake. And he received a big load of awesome gifts. One very happy 5 year old! Hope everything is good for everyone else in blog land!
We are off to look at a kindy for cowboy to attend a couple of days a week tomorrow. He is super excited about going to a "school" me not so much. But it will be good for both the boys. And i hope cause far LESS fighting between the 2. And prepare Cowboy for school next year.. Crikey!!

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