Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A million things

I have alot of photo's i could post for you all to see.. Right now i have a million things going on in my head and of what i want to do...

My eye allergies a couple of weeks ago started playing up, not as bad as originally. But enough to make me stop and think about EVERYTHING i/my family were using. Then we watched FOOD INC... So now a million things in my head to try and change how we live/eat/ do things. Slowly but surely i am making changes. I have so many things in cupboards that still have lots of stuff in them, that i feel a waste of money throwing out, or on the other hand do i want to use those chemicals that make me feel like crap and really aren't good for ANYONE or ANYTHING! Small steps.. We will get there..

We have been also busy working, playing, doing stuff around the house.. All of which i have photo's of... But need time and brain thinking time to post them... Post's may drag a little and not be very big, but once I've sorted myself out hopefully will be back on track.

Ok, so i need to go, i have since discovered my sink in the kitchen is leaking, so lots of water in the cupboard... GRUMBLE *special job just for Ben when he gets home from work*

Hope you are all well! :-)

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