Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I have sort of not been feeling so great over the last few weeks, with some yukky headaches and eye aches.. (the reason for not so many posts). I've finally had enough and am off to the Dr's today to sort it out... I'm already thinking that it's some sort of eye strain, but hey I'm no Dr. I'm secretly hoping it's not that bad, extra money to fork out at Xmas time for medical expenses is not fun, but if it's needed then it's needed. Everyone's prezzies will be my health hahaha!!!

Something exciting now, we are receiving our chrisco food hampers this week.. We love it and have been doing it for at least 4 years now. I know it would prob cost less to buy it all from our local supermarket, but having to also get the prezzies and battle the crowds for that this time of year. something to make our life a little easier and it's paid off over the year is fantastic. We also got the boys big prezzies through it this year. Even though i stuffed up one of the codes and have something coming i didn't want. It will get put to good use for Blue eye's birthday next march.

Anywho, enough computer time for me. Hope your all having a good week :-)

P.s Sent off my prac assessment for acrylic nails yesterday, so within the next couple of weeks will find it if I've passed it all or not!!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better soon and that the Drs can find your problem.

    I have never done the Chrisco thing, but everyone I know that does it, look forward to receiving what they have ordered.

    Good luck with your assessment,